Realizing a Long Term Vision for a Healthy Watershed.

Do you live or work in the Flint Creek Watershed?

Flint Creek Watershed is part of the Upper Fox River Basin in northeastern Illinois. It drains 36.5 square miles in southwest Lake County, northwest Cook County and a small portion of McHenry County.

Flint Creek has three branches that flow 45 miles west and north to the Fox River. Eight municipalities and five townships are located partially or entirely within the watershed. Land use is mostly low-density development with several higher density residential and commercial areas.

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Why was the Watershed Plan created?

Water knows no boundaries as it follows the topography of the land. A drop of rainwater falling anywhere in the watershed eventually finds its way west and north to the mouth of Flint Creek.

Watershed issues are so complex and inter-related that it is essential for stakeholders – individual landowners, organizations and governments – to work together to protect and restore natural resources. The watershed plan was developed to help stakeholders understand the watershed and initiate projects that improve water quality, enhance natural resources and open space, and reduce flood risks.

Since its inception in 2005, Flint Creek Watershed Partnership has created a watershed-wide plan for individual and community action. FCWP includes watershed stakeholders who are already working together to create and use this plan.

Our Goal:
To educate while building partnerships for projects
to improve water quality, reduce flooding,
and to preserve and restore wetlands, prairies
and other natural features for future generations


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