Realizing a Long Term Vision for a Healthy Watershed.

What can we do?

The Flint Creek Watershed-Based Plan includes a Prioritized Action Plan composed of the six different plans listed below. The plan prioritizes projects for completion in the next 5, 10 or later years and includes specific projects such as erosion control on a stream reach as well as general topics like outdoor curriculum for schools. There are opportunities for individual action on one’s own property, e.g. rain gardens, or working collaboratively to protect open space. The basis for all the plans is individual and local government stakeholders working together to promote activities that educate citizens and sustain a healthy watershed for future generations.

What do we need to do now?

Record rains in August, 2007 highlighted major problems in the watershed: lack of regional storage and infiltrating native vegetation. These actions should be addressed in the next three years:

  • Adopt the watershed plan
  • Identify and start protecting high priority parcels that improve water quality, protect natural resources and groundwater recharge areas, and reduce flooding
  • Adopt stream maintenance guidelines and water monitoring programs
  • Start implementing lake shoreline and streambank restoration projects and detention basin retrofits
  • Encourage alternatives to road salt
  • Encourage native landscaping and rain gardens
  • Educate citizens about watershed issues.

Many of these actions require education and support rather than cash outlay. Parcel protection and restoration projects may require grants.



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